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​A​bove all, this policy aims to set out national principles to be used as a reference by all host organizations managing government-funded research infrastructures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and external users seeking access. It also aims to help achieve the following objectives:
Facilitate RDI players access to government-funded research infrastructure
Optimize use of existing government-funded research infrastructure
Enhance efficiency of government spending on research infrastructure
Maximize return on investment in government-funded research infrastructure
Promote open innovation, reducing RDI ecosystem fragmentation
Attract top local and international researchers and scientists
Harmonize guidelines on open access to government-funded research infrastructure across the Kingdom
These strategic objectives will contribute to the strengthening of the Kingdom’s RDI sector maturity to become global RDI powerhouse, supporting overarching national RDI aspirations and priorities such as catalyzing RDI endeavors, maximizing GDP contribution out of RDI, propelling the Kingdom’s position in global RDI rankings, and fostering technological development and socioeconomic growth.​

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