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6. General Provisions:

6.1 CITC determines the means through which the reports and applications are submitted and handled as provided for herein.
6.2 FBTSP shall submit annual plans to CITC including data of construction works and execution works and submit data of telecommunication and information technology networks desired to be implemented.
6.3 FBTSP shall, in the event of unavailability of data of its infrastructure, carry out filed survey works at its own expense.
6.4 FBTSP shall bear the responsibility for interruption of service in case it is proven that FBTSP does not comply with the routes and engineering dimensions provided for herein in the cases of transgression of telecommunication networks or facilities established after issuance of this document. In addition, FBTSP shall repair all interruptions, which ensures soundness of service continuity, at its own expenses.
6.5 In the event FBTSP makes false statement or provides misleading information on its network, FBTSP shall be liable to accountability and shall bear the responsibility for consequences in the event an interruption of service occurs and shall repair the same at its own expenses.
6.6 CITC may take the appropriate action in accordance.​

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