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ProjTitle.icon 5. Obligations of Implementer of Infrastructure Projects:

5.1 Not to cause damage to, transgress or interrupt the public telecommunication networks.
5.2 Make coordination with all FBSTPs before excavation works and use the means that CITC or concerned authorities determine.
5.3 Document all applications for excavation and coordination processes made with the FBTSPs permanently.
5.4 Provide all FBTSP, before starting any excavation works, with the following data:
5.4.1 Coordinates of excavation location.
5.4.2 Detailed plan for route of excavation works in the electronic forms, such as Shapefile or KMZ, etc…
5.5 Inform FBTSPs instantly when obstructing or causing damage to the public telecommunication networks upon implementation of excavation works.
5.6 Any report on obstruction or interruption of the public telecommunication networks shall include the following information:
5.6.1 Excavation license issued from the concerned authority.
5.6.2 Coordinates of reporting location.
5.6.3 Pictures indicating damaged infrastructure, those pictures should be taken from different angles, indicating dimensions, depth and direction of the infrastructure.
5.6.4 Plan for excavation route.
5.7 The implementer of infrastructure projects shall, in case of FBTSP's desire to migrate telecommunication and information technology networks that conflicts with its projects, apply for transfer of the network.
5.8 The implementers of infrastructure projects shall bear costs of works of transfer of telecommunication and information technology networks that conflict with the project to be implemented according to the Royal Order No. (13369/ل/3) dated 05/06/1402 AH.

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