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4. Obligations of FBTSP

4.1 Implementation of infrastructure works:
4.1.1 Obtaining necessary legal licenses from the competent authorities before construction of infrastructure facilities or implementing excavation works.
4.1.2 Validating legality or real estate ownership and obtaining consent of real estate owner or his/her representative before constructing infrastructure facilities at such real estates.
4.1.3 Implementing telecommunications and information technology wireless networks and their facilities in the specified routes in line with the engineering dimensions set out in Appendix 1.
4.1.4 Compliance with the routes of cross passing priority when implementing telecommunications and information technology wireless networks that intersect with the routes specified for other services according to Appendix 2.
4.1.5 Laying wired telecommunications and information technology networks in cabling routes and ducts within the urban range of cities.
4.1.6 Implementing infrastructure works according to the specifications defined by CITC and concerned government authorities.
4.1.7 Permanent Storing of as-built documents for all of infrastructure works in digital form..
4.1.8 Permanent storing of copies for all licenses issued from the concerned authorities for implementation of infrastructure works in an digital form.
4.1.9 Documenting consent of the real estate owner or his/her representative when establishing infrastructure facilities at such real estates and maintaining a soft copy thereof permanently.
4.1.10 Not to impact facilities of other services and existing equipment when implementing infrastructure works and making coordination with owners of such facilities and equipment using the means that CITC or concerned authorities determine.
4.1.11 Alignment with development projects plans for other government sectors, entities providing public services and other service providers before implementing infrastructure works in order to limit repetition of excavation works and reduce financial costs for implementation of construction works.
4.1.12 FBTSP shall apply to connect the new infrastructure facilities that are established inside the urban range of cities and governorates with electrical service within no more than (20) business days as of the date of obtaining license for establishment of facilities.
4.1.13 FBTSP shall permanently maintain copies of all applications for connection of electrical service to infrastructure facilities.
4.2 Protection of Infrastructure
4.2.1 Providing all safety requirements, taking measures that ensure safety of infrastructure and preventing transgression or causing damage thereto as defined by the concerned authorities.
4.2.2 Informing the applicant for coordination of excavation whether or not there is infrastructure owned by the FBTSP that conflicts with the route planned for excavation works in no more than (3) days of raising the request, while it is necessary to provide the applicant for coordination of excavation in case there is infrastructure owned by FBTSP that conflicts with the route planned for excavation works, with the following data:
·    Detailed plan for route of infrastructure in the electronic forms, such as, Shapefile or KMZ,etc…
·    Dimensions of existing infrastructure including depth under ground level.
·    Contact Details with FBTSP.
4.2.3 Monitoring and documenting any transgression cases of FBTSP's infrastructure and informing concerned authorities according to the mechanism determined by the concerned authorities.
4.2.4 Responding to reports on interruptions or intersections, through the statement of implementer of infrastructure projects regarding ownership of interrupted or obstructed infrastructure, in no more than (12) hours as of the time of reporting by the implementer of infrastructure projects.
4.2.5 Informing CITC of occurrence of any damage caused to any infrastructure element according to Regulations for Notification of Network Failures.
4.2.6 Handling Infrastructure reports in no more than (3) days as of the time of receipt of the report.
4.3 Transfer of Infrastructure
In case the FBTSP's infrastructure obstructs any governmental project to be implemented, the FBTSP shall comply with the following:
4.3.1 Responding to applications for migration and transfer of the infrastructure set out in the received applications by providing technical designs of infrastructure desired to be migrated and transferred in addition to the financial requirements necessary for implementation of migration and transfer in no more that (10) business days as of the date of receipt of the application.
4.3.2 Migrating the conflicted infrastructure in no more than (90) days as of the date of receipt of the application for migration from the project owner according to Council of Minsters decision No. (260) dated 01/08/1438 AH.
4.3.3 Implementing telecommunication networks, according to specifications of quality adopted by FBTSP, within the period of migration process and not to charge the project owner with additional costs resulting from implementation of such networks according to specifications of higher quality.​

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