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​1.1.           General terms and conditions

1.1.1.   All service providers shall comply with the terms and conditions established in the Regulations of The General Class License and the Regulations for Classification of Telecommunications Services Licenses.
1.1.2.   All Authorized operators shall:       Notify to the CITC any change on the information provided in the application process within the next fifteen days of the change.       Not cease operating the telecommunications networks which they are licensed to operate without prior notification to CITC, except for a Force Majeure that affects the performance of the obligations stated in the License.       Offer the network operation and related services to any customer on non-discriminatory basis. Market practices such as offering free equipment or promotional offers may be implemented if they do not imply unjustified preference or discrimination.       Fulfil the requirements of the Universal Access and Universal Services, if designated as universal service providers by the CITC.       Comply with all the requirements deriving from the regulatory documents regarding lawful interception, data retention, personal data protection, cybersecurity, network security, consumer protection and issuance of billing and/or invoices.       Coordinate with the CITC regarding the registration of the any stations that use a very large antenna and a wide range of radio frequencies in accordance with the regulations of the International Telecommunication Union, as the Authorized provider must submit all the necessary information.       Procure satellite capacity only from a Registered Satellite Capacity Provider according to the regulatory document “Regulations for Registration of Foreign Satellite Systems”       The use of the assigned frequencies should be as designated by the CITC and according to the terms and conditions in the Spectrum License. Frequencies to be used shall be in accordance with the CITC National Frequency Plan as well as relevant Radio Spectrum Regulations.

1.2.         Special terms and conditions
Additional specific terms and conditions shall be applicable as indicated in this section.
1.2.1.   All service providers shall:       Publish clear, easily accessible information for the subscriber, describing the services, the fees, terms and conditions, quality of services, technical support contacts, and other details that will allow the subscriber to exercise their rights.       Ensure invoices are clear, accurate, written in Arabic, with the possibility of using any other language with it, and easy to understand.       Operate the network at performance levels that are in line with recognized international standards and applicable service quality objectives.       Only allow the use of type approved equipment and peripheral devices approved by CITC.       Establish the necessary technical means and procedures for monitoring and reporting on system performance and service quality.       Comply with all technical parameters and conditions contained in ITU recommendations for the use of mobile earth stations.       Not use the network to provide internet access services to the public on fixed permanent locations, which constitute broadband satellite services. In all cases, providing internet access services on permanently fixed locations, either to the public or to closed groups will be subject to the CITC pre-approval and under the condition of holding proper permit.       Operation of systems of identical earth stations that operate on board foreign registered means of transportation (such as vessels) and are not used to provide services outside the respective mean do not require a license while crossing the territory of the Kingdom.

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