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Article 5: The Board of Directors of the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission

The Board of Directors shall supervise matters related to the management of Radio Spectrum at the national level, including the following:

  1. Approving the Implementing Regulation.
  2.  Approving of the National Frequency Allocation Table, allocation of frequency bands and Frequency Reallocation.
  3. Approving the regulation on licensing fees for the use of Radio Spectrum -based on the recommendations made by the Commission- and in agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the Non-Oil Revenues Development Center.
  4. Concluding agreements and various types of contracts within the limits of the Board of Director's authority and delegating the Commission's personnel for concluding such agreements.
  5. Forming committees and empowering them with necessary authorization to carry out their tasks.
  6. Approving strategies relating to Radio Spectrum based on the recommendations made by the Commission.
  7. Approving the selection of the delegation representing the Kingdom's interests at the ITU's World Radiocommunications Conferences, based on the recommendations made by the Commission
  8. Resolving any issues regarding the national coordination of Radio Spectrum.

The Board may delegate some of its authorities to any personnel or committees in the Commission as it deems appropriate and as required by the conduct of its work.​​

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