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ProjTitle.icon Article 17: Collection, analysis and publication of data

1. The Commission may compile and analyze data relating to Radio Spectrum and its uses in the following aspects, and publish in any way it considers appropriate without prejudice to paragraph ‎1 of ‎Article 16:
(a) The efficiency of Radio Spectrum use and its effects.
(b) Radio monitoring and actual use of Radio Spectrum.
(c) Future developments in technologies relating to use of Radio Spectrum.
(d) Any other connected matters that the Commission considers relevant.
2. The Commission may publish or share the Radio Spectrum data for the following purposes:
(a) For the purpose of facilitating any of the Commission’s functions under the Law, Implementing Regulation or Technical Regulations.
(b) For the purpose of implementing any proceedings brought under or because of the Law, Implementing Regulation or Technical Regulations.

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