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ProjTitle.icon Article (9) Penalties

1.     The intermediary service provider who commits any of the violations stipu​lated in Article (8) hereof shall be subject to one or more of the following penalties:

a. A fine not exceeding (SAR 25,000,000) twenty-five million riyals.

b. To be deprived - for a specific period - of obtaining a pre-qualification certificate

c. Cancellation of the pre-qualification certificate.

2.      The decision imposing the penalty shall be effective from the date of its notification to the violating intermediary service provider.

3.     The intermediary service provider shall cease, rectify or eliminate the violation, as the case may be, within the term that the Committee determines. In addition, CST shall be entitled to request the Committee to punish the offender with one or more of the penalties provided for in this Article if the offender does not cease, rectify or eliminate the violation within the term determined by the Committee.

4.     When imposing a penalty, such penalty shall be in proportion to the violation's volume, nature, effect and reiteration by the offender.

5.      The Committee shall be entitled to provide for in its decision regarding the penalty publishing the operative part thereof electronically or in a local newspaper or any other method, provided that the operative part is published after the decision becomes conclusive and at the offender's expense.

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