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ProjTitle.icon Article 17: Permissible Disclosure Cases

As an exception to the provisions contained in Article (16) of the Law, the data, information and documents related to mediation submitted therein may be disclosed in the following cases, to the extent that the purpose of disclosure is achieved:

A.     Disclosure agreed by the parties.

B.     Disclosure required for the implementation of the settlement agreement.

C.    Disclosure to the competent authorities of what prevents the commission of a crime or in which there is reporting of its occurrence.

D.    Disclosure of the violations of the mediator and those attending the hearing that are not parties before the court or the authority competent to impose the penalty.

E.     The disclosure required by a Law within the limits of its provisions.

F.     Disclosure by a party to its lawyer for the purpose of obtaining legal advice.

The regulation shall establish the necessary controls for the enforcement of confidentiality provisions and their exceptions. ​

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