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Article 1


The following words and phrases shall have the meanings as indicated unless the context requires otherwise:
‐ The Code: The Code of Law Practice.
‐ The Regulation: The Foreign Law Firms Regulation.
‐ The Minister: The Minister of Justice.
‐ The Ministry: The Ministry of Justice.
‐ The Association or (SBA): The Saudi Bar Association.
‐ The Competent Department: The competent department at the Ministry.
‐ The Registry: The registry of foreign law firms licensed to practice law in the Kingdom, as stipulated in Article (49) of the Code.
‐ The Firm: A foreign law firm licensed to practice the law profession in the Kingdom under the Law. 
‐ Non-Saudi Counselor: A counselor registered in the registry of Non-Saudi Sharia or legal counselors, as stipulated in Article (41) of the Regulations.

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