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Article 73:

  1. The competent department shall undertake the investigation of violations, and shall abide by the guarantees of the investigation, including: confronting the investigator with the violation attributed to him, and enabling him to present his defense.
  2. The investigation shall be conducted in presence, or remotely -orally or in writing- through approved electronic means as determined by the competent department.
  3. If the licensee abstains from investigating, or does not attend even after notifying him, the competent department shall prove this, and the violation shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee. 

Article 74:

The competent department shall, after investigating and studying the violation or when the investigation is not possible, decide one of the following:

  1. Conservation in case of insufficient evidence, and informing the licensee and the referring entity of this.
  2. Refer the violation to the Disciplinary Committee to impose the disciplinary penalty. 

Article 75:

The prosecution shall be carried out before the Disciplinary Committee by employees and consultants with experience and competence who meet the conditions for registration in the list of practicing lawyers. A decision shall be issued naming them by the Minister or his authorized representative. ​

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