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Article 66:

The granting of the temporary license is limited to providing consultations for specific or specialized projects that the Kingdom needs, and in which similar expertise is not sufficiently available in the Kingdom. The following provisions and procedures shall be observed in the temporary license:

  1. The foreign law firm shall not be granted more than one temporary license per year, except for an exceptional need after obtaining the Minister approval.
  2. An application for a temporary license shall be submitted to the Ministry electronically after obtaining a license from the competent entity to grant foreign investment licenses in the Kingdom. The foreign law firm requesting the temporary license shall met the license conditions of the foreign law firm, except for the conditions related to residence and the conditions and requirements related to taking a regular form to practice the profession in the Kingdom.
  3. A letter from the project owner requesting a contract with a foreign law firm, and evidence that the project is a specific or specialized project, must be submitted with the application for a temporary license.

Article 67:

The temporarily licensed foreign law firm shall comply with the following:

  1. Taking the necessary measures to ensure the compliance of the lawyer and his employees working in the project with the Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers, the ethics of the profession stipulated in the law, its implementing regulations and the relevant Laws, and the professional Laws in the country in which it is licensed to practice the Law profession.
  2. Not to provide any service outside the scope of the license granted to it.
  3. Assigning at least (10%) of the project works of a legal nature to a Saudi licensed to practice the profession, and the percentage shall be calculated by the value of the works.
  4. Submitting a report to the competent department at the end of the project indicating the services provided, and any data specified by the competent department. ​

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