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Chapter 17: Emergency Exposure Situations

Section 110: General Responsibilities for the Emergency Response

300. Any person responsible for workers potentially involved in emergency response shall ensure for the protection and safety of the emergency worker as provided in this regulation.

Section 111: Protection of Workers in Emergency Exposure Situations

301. In an emergency exposure situation, the relevant requirements for occupational exposure in planned exposure situations shall be applied for emergency workers, in accordance with a graded approach, except as required in Article 302 of this Section.

302. During emergency situation, no person shall be subject to exposure over 50 mSv other than the following situation:

(a) For the purposes of saving a life or preventing severe injury;

(b) When undertaking actions to avert a large collective dose; or

(c) When taking actions to prevent severe deterministic effects and actions to prevent the development of catastrophic conditions that could significantly affect people and the en-vironment.

303. In the exceptional circumstances of Article 302 of this Section, all reasonable efforts shall be taken to keep doses to emergency workers below the values prescribed by NRRC. Emergency workers undertaking actions due to which their doses could approach or exceed the values prescribed by NRRC shall do so only when the expected benefits to others clearly outweigh the risks to the emergency workers.

304. Emergency workers who undertake actions in which the doses received might exceed 50 mSv shall be ensured:

(a) to perform their tasks voluntary; 

(b) to have been clearly and comprehensively informed in advance of the associated health risks, as well as of available measures for protection and safety; 

(c) to the extent possible, trained in the actions that they may be required to take.

305. All reasonable steps shall be taken to assess and record the doses received in an emergency by emergency workers. Information on the doses shall be obtained before any further occupational exposure if a worker has received a dose exceeding 200 mSv or at the request of the worker. 

306. Workers who receive doses in an emergency exposure situation shall not normally be precluded from incurring further occupational exposure. However, qualified medical advice shall be ob-tained before any additional occupational exposure if a worker has received a dose exceeding 200 mSv or at the request of the worker. 

Section 112: Protection of Workers Involved in the Transition from an Emergency Exposure Situation to an Existing Exposure Situation

307. Workers undertaking work such as repairs to plant and buildings or activities for radioactive waste management or remedial work for the decontamination of the site and surrounding areas, including when the contamination is associated with an existing situation, shall be subject to the relevant requirements for occupational exposure specified in this regulation.

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