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Chapter 15: Radioactive Waste Management

Section 98: General Responsibilities for the Management of Radioactive Wastes

268. The authorized person shall be responsible for the safe management of the radioactive waste generated by the activity or sources for which they are authorized with.

269. The authorized person shall ensure that radioactive waste is managed and discharges are con-ducted in accordance with the requirements of this regulation and other applicable regulations, and in accordance with the relevant authorization.

270. The authorized person shall ensure that the management of radioactive waste, including disused sources, is conducted in such a manner that relevant requirements derived from the national pol-icy on this matter are met.

271. The authorized person shall establish appropriate policies, technical procedures, and organiza-tional arrangements and measures for ensuring the safe management of radioactive waste that are formally included in the overall management system and documented as part of the radiation protection program.

272. Before generating radioactive waste that may require subsequent management, the authorized person shall ensure the availability of suitable resources and facilities within their organization. When the subsequent management requires involvement of another organization, necessary ar-rangements shall be guaranteed.

Section 99: Control of Radioactive Waste Generation

273. The authorized person generating radioactive waste shall ensure that appropriate measures are taken to keep the generation of radioactive waste to the minimum practicable in terms of both activity (A) and volume.

Section 100: Characterization, Classification, and Collection of Radioactive Waste

274. The authorized person shall characterize radioactive waste in terms of its physical, mechanical, chemical, radiological and biological properties.

275. The authorized person shall classify the radioactive waste according to the waste classification scheme established by the NRRC. 

276. The authorized person shall ensure that the collection of radioactive waste and its ulterior man-agement until final clearance or transferring to another organization is conducted in such a man-ner that wastes are always adequately segregated according to the relevant classification. 

Section 101: Acceptance Criteria for Radioactive Waste

277. The authorized person shall ensure that an appropriate control system is established to provide confidence that the radioactive waste under its responsibility meets the applicable waste ac-ceptance criteria defined by the organization responsible for the subsequent step in the man-agement.

Section 102: Discharge of Radioactive Materials to the Environment

278. Planned discharges to the sewer system, air, rivers, lakes, sea or elsewhere to the environment shall be subject to authorization by the NRRC.

279. Before initiating the discharge to the environment, the authorized person in applying for an au-thorization for discharges shall:

(a) Determine the characteristics and activity (A) of the material to be discharged, and the possible points and methods of discharge;

(b) Demonstrate how good practices in the operation of similar facilities or activities have been taken into account when designing the discharge control measures;

(c) Determine by an appropriate pre-operational study all significant exposure pathway by which discharged radionuclides could give rise to exposure of members of the public;

(d) Assess doses to the representative person due to the planned discharges;

(e) Submit the source and environmental monitoring program for approval from the NRRC aiming to verify compliance with the limits and conditions established by the NRRC for controlling planned discharges; 

(f) Consider the radiological environmental impacts in an integrated manner with features of the system of protection and safety, as required by the NRRC;

(g) Include assessment of impacts from the discharges that could cause public exposure out-side the Kingdom; 

(h) Submit to the NRRC the findings of (a) to (g) as an input to the establishment by the NRRC of authorized limits on discharges and conditions on their implementation.

280. The authorized person shall ensure that radioactive materials from authorized practices are not discharged to the environment unless such discharges are within the limits and conditions on their implementation specified by the NRRC.

281. The authorized person shall review and modify their discharges, control measures as appropriate and in agreement with the NRRC, taking into account:

(a) Operating experience;

(b) Any changes in exposure pathways or in the characteristics of the representative person that could affect the assessment of doses due to the discharges.

Section 103: Clearance and its Control

282. In an application for authorization, the applicant shall declare its intention to clear materials from regulatory control during the operational phase.

283. In regard to clearance and its control, the authorized person shall adopt provisions to ensure that:

(a) The clearance of radioactive waste complies with the requirements and conditions pre-scribed by the NRRC;

(b) A formal system is in place, including rigorous control measures, to demonstrate compli-ance with regulatory requirements in respect of clearance;

(c) Deliberate dilution of material, other than the dilution that takes place in normal opera-tions shall not be carried out;

(d) Any radiation markings will be removed from any material of which regulatory controls no longer apply.

Section 104: Radioactive Waste records and Report

284. The authorized person shall develop a suitable and comprehensive recording system for radioac-tive waste management activities under its responsibility with information related to the invento-ry and management of all radioactive waste that is generated, stored, transferred, discharged, cleared and disposed. The system shall allow for traceability of radioactive waste from the point of its collection through to its long-term storage and its disposal.

285. When waste is being transferred, associated records shall be provided to the authorized person of the subsequent step.

286. The authorized person shall provide reports on its radioactive waste management activities to the NRRC.


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