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Chapter 14: Consumer Products

Section 93: Authorization of Consumer Products 

262. No consumer products shall be provided to the public unless the justification of their use by members of the public has been approved by the NRRC, and either their use has been exempted on the basis of the criteria specified in Sections 19 and 20.

263. Providers of consumer products shall request NRRC for an authorization following requirements specified in Sections 21, 22 and other relevant regulation.

Section 94: Responsibilities of Providers of Consumer Products

264. Providers of consumer products shall:

(a) Comply with the conditions of the authorization to provide consumer products to the public; 

(b) Ensure that consumer products comply with the requirements of this regulation;

(c) Plan for appropriate arrangements for the servicing, maintenance, recycling or disposal of consumer products.

Section 95: Labeling of Consumer Products 

265. Providers, in cooperation with the manufacturer of consumer products, shall ensure that:

(a) Where practicable, a legible label is firmly affixed to a visible surface of each consumer product with the following information:

(i) The consumer product contains radioactive substances with detail of radionu-clides and their activities;

(ii) The provision of the respective consumer product to the public has been author-ized by the NRRC;

(iii) The required or recommended options for recycling or disposal.

(b) The information specified in (a) above is also printed legibly on the retail packaging of the consumer product.

Section 96: Information and Instructions to Users of Consumer Products  

266. Providers of consumer products shall provide clear and appropriate information and instructions with each consumer product related to:

(a) Correct installation, use and maintenance of the consumer product;

(b) Servicing and repair;

(c) The radionuclides and their activities at a specified date;

(d) Dose rates in normal operation and during servicing and repair;

(e) Required or recommended options for recycling or disposal.

Section 97: Information and Instructions to Consumer Product Retailers

267. Providers of consumer products shall provide the consumer product retailers with appropriate in-formation on safety and instructions on their transport and storage.


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