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Chapter 8: Emergency Preparedness and Response

Section 37: Emergency Planning

106. The authorized person shall establish organizational arrangements consistent with its Manage-ment System for coping with the emergencies.

107. The authorized person shall prepare an Emergency Plan for the protection of people and the en-vironment reflecting findings from the safety assessment taking into consideration the likelihood of an emergency affecting either workers or members of the public as part of emergency prepar-edness and response. 

108. The authorized person shall prepare and document a proposal of such plan for approval by the NRRC as part of the documentation required in support of the authorization process.  The content and scope of the Emergency Plan shall satisfy the requirements specified by the NRRC.

109. The authorized person shall ensure periodic review and updating of the emergency plan to guar-antee that resources, arrangements, and procedures, to give the necessary response, are con-sistent with any change that is produced within the facility or at external organizations supporting the Emergency Plan.

110. In regard to the arrangements for the emergency response at the scene by the authorized person, the Emergency Plan shall include:

(a) Provision for individual monitoring and area monitoring and arrangements for medical treatment;

(b) Arrangements for assessing and mitigating any consequences of an emergency.

Section 38: Implementation of the Emergency Plan

111. The authorized person shall be responsible for the implementation of their Emergency Plans and be prepared to take any necessary action for effective response.

112. To prevent the occurrence of conditions that could lead to a loss of control over a source or to the escalation of such conditions, authorized person shall, as appropriate:

(a) Develop, maintain and implement procedures to provide the means for preventing loss of control over the source and for regaining control over the source as necessary;

(b) Make available equipment, instrumentation and diagnostic aids that may be needed;

(c) Train and periodically retrain personnel in the procedures to be followed and exercise the procedures.

Section 39: Action in an Emergency Situation

113. In an emergency situation, the authorized person shall take the measures prescribed under the approved emergency plan without delay in order to control the situation and prevent or limit ra-diation exposure and immediately notify the NRRC of any declaration of an emergency situation and the classification of the emergency situation.​

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