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ProjTitle.icon Chapter 6: Prevention and Mitigation of Accidents

Section 32: Good Engineering Practice

94. The authorized person shall ensure good engineering practice for the activity of the facilities that:

(a) Take account of national legal requirements and international and national standards;

(b) Supported by managerial and organizational features, to ensure protection and safety throughout the lifetime of the facility;

(c) Include adequate safety margins in the design and construction of the facility, and in op-erations involving the facility, to ensure: 

(i) Reliable performance in normal operation;

(ii) The necessary quality, redundancy and capability for inspection, with emphasis on preventing potential exposure;

(d) Capable to mitigate the consequences of those radiation safety deviations that do occur and restricting any possible future exposures;

(e) Take account of relevant developments concerning technical criteria, as well as, the re-sults of any relevant research on protection and safety and feedback of information on lessons learned from experience.

Section 33: Defence in Depth

95. The authorized person shall ensure that a multilevel (defence in depth) system of sequential, in-dependent provisions for protection and safety is applied to radiation sources under its responsi-bility. The system shall be commensurate with the likelihood and magnitude of potential expo-sures.

96. The authorized person shall ensure that if one level of protection were to fail, the subsequent in-dependent level of protection would be available. Such defence in depth shall be applied for the purposes of:

(a) Preventing radiation safety deviations;

(b) Mitigating the consequences of any radiation safety deviations that do occur;

(c) Restoring the sources to safe conditions after any such radiation safety deviations.

Section 34: Prevention of Radiation Safety Deviations

97. The authorized person shall ensure that structures, systems and components, including software, that are related to protection and safety for facilities and activities are designed, constructed, commissioned, operated and maintained to prevent radiation safety deviations as far as reason-ably practicable.

98. The authorized person for any activity or facility shall make suitable arrangements:

(a) To prevent reasonably foreseeable radiation safety deviations; 

(b) To mitigate the consequences of those radiation safety deviations that do occur;

(c) To provide workers with the information, instruction, training and equipment necessary to restrict potential exposures;

(d) To ensure that there are adequate procedures for the control of the facility and for the management of any reasonably foreseeable radiation safety deviations;

(e) To ensure that safety significant structures, systems and components, including software, and other equipment can be inspected and tested regularly for any degradation that could lead to abnormal conditions or inadequate performance;

(f) To ensure that maintenance, inspection and testing appropriate to the preservation of the provisions for protection and safety can be carried out without undue occupational exposure;

(g) To provide, wherever appropriate, automatic systems for safely shutting off or reducing the release of radiation from facilities in the event that operating conditions are outside the stipulated ranges;

(h) To ensure that abnormal operating conditions that could significantly affect protection and safety are detected by systems that respond quickly enough to allow for corrective action to be taken in a timely manner;

(i) To ensure that all relevant safety documentation is available in the appropriate languages understandable to users.

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