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Chapter 9: Amendment to Authorization

57. An amendment to authorization shall be required for: 

(a) Modifications to the authorized facilities and/or activities (constructional, operational, or organizational) that may have an impact on radiation safety and security of radioactive material and safeguard of nuclear material or ore containing uranium and thorium;

(b) Changes concerning issues such as personnel, roles and responsibilities, inventory of ra-diation sources, applied activities, etc.;

(c) Changes concerning the discharge of radioactive material into the environment; and

(d) Changes concerning the clearance of radioactive material.

58. When requesting an amendment to an authorization, the applicant shall ensure that all submis-sions required by the NRRC are made regarding the affected facilities and/or activities.

59. Upon evaluation of the application for the amendment of an authorization, the NRRC may con-sider termination of the existing valid authorization and request applicant to apply for a different type of authorization.

60. The NRRC may grant an amendment to an authorization only after concluding that radiation safe-ty, radioactive material security, and safeguard requirements are met, and this conclusion has been verified through inspection, as necessary.​​

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