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Chapter 5: Operational Phase for Facilities

Section 10: Authorization of Facilities and Activities 

36. Any person intending to initiate the application of activities and operation of facilities with radia-tion source, nuclear material and/or ore containing uranium and thorium shall obtain a valid au-thorization for the respective purposes.

37. The operation of facilities and/or the execution of activities with radiation source, nuclear materi-al and/or ore containing uranium and thorium are subject to authorization through either regis-tration or licensing.

38. When applying for an authorization, the applicant shall ensure submission as prescribed by the NRRC based on:

(a) The risks associated with radiation safety and security for the facilities and activities;

(b) The regulatory measures apply that shall reduce risks from the potential impact and/or improving radiation safety and security; and

(c) The applicable safeguard requirements.

39. The authorized person shall adhere to the conditions in the authorization document issued by the NRRC.​​

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