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Chapter 2: Notification on Facilities and Activities

Section 4: Notification Prior to Authorization Requirements 

4. Any person intending to establish a facility or carry out any activity or practice as prescribed in Ar-ticle 2 of this regulation shall notify the NRRC of such intention as early as possible to initiate the authorization process.

5. In case that the person from the beginning applies to the NRRC to be granted authorization, the application shall be considered as a notification.

6. For the purpose of submission of notification, the applicant shall provide the information as spec-ified by the NRRC.

7. When the NRRC concludes, following a notification, that the risk associated with the activity or practice with a radiation source cannot be neglected in terms of radiation safety or security of ra-dioactive material or is a subject to safeguards requirements, the applicant shall proceed further for authorization.

8. The NRRC shall be notified of any change that may increase the safety or security risk associated with the practices or the possession of radiation sources or changes to safeguards information prescribed by the NRRC for which a notification confirmation under Article 6 has been issued. 

Section 5: Other Notification Requirements

9. Any person intending to use the territory of the Kingdom for transit of radioactive material, nu-clear material and/or ore containing uranium and thorium within the Kingdom shall submit a no-tification to the NRRC.

10. The authorized person intending to import or export radiation generators to the Kingdom shall submit a notification to the NRRC.

11. The NRRC may prescribe the submission of any other notifications necessary to carry out the pro-visions of this regulation.​

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