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ProjTitle.icon Section 41

​82. In the event of non-compliance with any limit applicable to dose rate as specified in Article  37, Article  38, and Article  39 or contamination as specified in Article 40, Article  41, Article  42 and Article  43: 
(a) the consignor shall be informed of the non-compliance by:
(i) the carrier if the non-compliance is identified during transport; or
(ii) the consignee if the non-compliance is identified at receipt;
(b) the carrier, consignor or consignee, as appropriate, shall:
(i) take immediate steps to mitigate the consequences of the non- compliance;
(ii) investigate the non-compliance and its causes, circumstances and consequences;
(iii) take appropriate action to remedy the causes and circumstances that led to the non-compliance and to prevent a  recurrence of circumstances similar to those that led to the non-compliance; and
(iv) communicate to the relevant competent authority on the causes of the non-compliance and on corrective or preventive actions taken or to be taken; and
(c) the carrier or consignee shall communicate of the non-compliance to the consignor and relevant competent authority, respectively, as soon as practicable and it shall be immediate whenever an emergency exposure situation has developed or is developing.

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